Retained Bid Support

Recognise this scenario?  The excitement of bidding a new contract has subsided but nobody wants to take ownership for its delivery?  As an organisation that regularly bids for new contracts you will be all too familiar with that moment when the business and bid are pulling in opposite directions and deadlines are looming, resulting in a tired, stressed out team and a less than satisfactory submission.
Once the decision has been made to bid a contract if you don’t adequately resource it from the start you are significantly upping your own stakes in what is already a gambling man’s game.
Why not retain bid support for when you most need it. From £583.33 a month you will receive a dedicated bid management consultant with a proven track record to help you during the tough times with:
  • Bid co-ordination
  • Writing: PQQs, ITTs and proposals
  • Reviewing and editing
  • Document control
  • Consortium management
  • Win themes development
  • Template creation
  • Presentations
Take ownership of your next live bid, call Win That Bid today to discuss your retained bid support requirements on 0203 405 1850.