Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs)  submissions are highly pressured environments and often ‘marking your own homework’ fails to identify areas of weakness. Internal “reviewers” may not have the experience or training to review from a “buyer” perspective.

With our buyer-focused critique of your PQQ, we will give your proposal writers a set of detailed review notes and guidance on what areas of the PQQ requires sharpening for impact and to maximise evaluation scores.

Before you know it you’ll be writing top notch submissions and significantly increasing your shortlisting rate.

Suitable for Companies that:

1.  Would like to continue writing bids in-house

2.  Are uncertain whether their submission answers the questions correctly

3.  Have an inconsistent ability at being invited to tender

4.  Would like a second pair of eyes to review the PQQ


Normally priced at £199, we are giving away a free PQQ critique to the next 20 companies that book. So what are you waiting for? Get booking your appointment with our experts today by completing this form.

What You Get:
  • A leading expert with buyer expertise to score and review your PQQ
  • Detailed feedback on areas that require improvement to drive up evaluation scores
  • Options for improving your chances of being shortlisted
  • Errors, omissions and mistakes capture
  • Telephone “walk-through” of the feedback