Southwark Council announce contract to construct 585 new houses across 10 different sites

untitledSouthwark Council, in connection with its Southwark Regeneration Partnership Programme, are beginning the process of searching for developers for the provision of around 585 new homes across 10 different sites in Southwark. The contract is expected to commence in October 2017, with work due to start on site in early 2018.

35% of the housing provided will be requested as affordable units by the council and the chosen developer will retain 65% of the development units.

Southwark’s Regeneration in Partnership Programme (SRPP) aims to deliver approximately 1,400 new homes of mixed tenure through a development partnership agreement. The developers will be expected to provide a large range of services across the 10 sites, including:

  • Demolition, remediation and enabling works to prepare site for development
  • Design and construct new homes, commercial space/community facilities and associated infrastructure
  • Obtaining planning permission, where the Council has not already done so and/or discharge associated planning conditions
  • Site and supply chain management
  • Sales and marketing of private and intermediate rent homes
  • Aftercare and maintenance of private and intermediate rent homes

Read the full tender here.

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