International Tendering

With the domestic market still in a fragile state it can be difficult for SMEs to win the contracts they need.  One great way to increase your chances of winning a bid is to widen your scope.  Why not bid for tenders internationally?  Now is the time to be adventurous as taking advantage of the weak pound could not only boost your income but could boost the profile of your business.

The internet has made finding out about bids all over the world as easy as using a search engine but the tricky thing is knowing where to begin.  If you’re new to international tendering it may help to start with something like OJEU, the Official Journal of the European Union.  OJEU provides public procurement services throughout the European Union.  Via the Tenders Direct website around 2500 new notices are advertised every week.  –

If you want to look even further afield there a loads more websites, such as TendersZeal and GlobalTenders, which advertise contracts from all sectors.  However, when considering an international tender you may want to bear in mind a few questions.  What is the wider financial situation of the country you’re considering working in?  Do you know who your competitors are?  What are the success stories, and failures that you can learn from?

We’re always interested to hear about your experiences.  So whether you’ve gone through the international tendering process and can report back to us, or you’re considering it and need advice, get in touch with us through this blog or our contacts page,

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