Do I need a Quality Management Policy?

Do I need a Quality Management Policy?

When you’re starting up it can be hard to keep track of all the little things that don’t directly affect your ability to finish the job in hand.  Things like company procedures and policies can start to seem like extras, “I’ll get round to it one day”.  But one policy in particular is essential to all businesses, especially those considering tendering; a quality management policy or statement. There are two main reasons not to overlook quality management in any type of company, particularly when you’re starting up.  Firstly, a good policy will help the smooth running of your business and improve the job you do, which could actually make establishing your company easier.  Secondly, making a name for yourself is difficult, and to bring in business you will need to offer the highest standards of quality.  When you bid for a contract more and more organisations want the assurance of good service that a written quality of policy can provide.

What should a Quality Management Policy measure?

Your policy should aim to ensure that every job you carry out is the best you can deliver, so tailor it to suit what you do.  Look at individual case studies and write up a list of best practice.  How can you measure whether this is achieved every time?  Perhaps think about drawing up time lines or where you can add quality control checks.  You can do this for you business generally or concentrate on individual areas.  Keep in mind that the job of the policy is so you and your client can gauge how well your business is operating.

Official standards

A quality management policy is something you can do yourself but there are official standards available such as ISO 9001 and Investors in People.  ISO 9001, the International Standard of Organisation, is a family of standards that provide a framework from which your quality management policy can be created.  It has a worldwide reputation but the process can be quite rigorous.  Investors in People is a UK based organisation aimed at business development.  Having something like ISO 9001 can help you when making tenders, and is actually something many of the larger organisations demand these days, so you may want to consider whether applying could help your business.  Professional help could be a real advantage when devising your policy or working towards an ISO accreditation. Win That Bid’s compliance experts are ready to take you calls and help you with any quality or policy questions you may have. We can even facilitate the ISO process for you or write you a policy to ISO equivalent standards.

We’d love to know if there’s anything you find particularly challenging about the process, why not share your story in the comments section?