Construction pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) to be made simpler

A new draft guide of the PAS 91 construction pre-qualification questionnaire is set for release following industry consultation.

The update, which aims to simplify the PQQ process, will reflect changes to safety legislation such as the Construction (Design and Management Regulations) 2015.

Paul Reeve, Director at the Electrical Contractors Associations, is a joint author of the PAS 91 draft Standard.

He stated “The PAS 91 draft standard underpins determined industry efforts to simplify the plethora of PQQs used in construction. It’s already seen by many public sector and commercial clients and many large contractors as a useful common standard for assessing a supplier’s basic capability.”

“However, the mandatory questions in PAS 91, which cover a range of company-related and health and safety enquiries, urgently need to be updated to reflect current legislation.”

“This consultation aims to achieve that and it should result in a PAS that is fit for purpose, and in line with industry initiatives to simplify basic construction PQQs.”

“Following the changes, clients and others will be able to specify the use of PAS 91 with far greater confidence, and this could open the door to even greater acceptance of the document as the ‘go to’ basic construction PQQ.”

Read the article here.

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