Catering Contracts – How to find them and how to win them

The UK catering contracts market is worth almost £3.8 billion.  The big four companies of Sodexo, Compass, Aramark and Elior do dominate the industry somewhat, and it can be seen as a mature market, meaning potential for growth is small.  However, there are still many opportunities available to SMEs, as a quick internet search will show you.  And don’t forget, the range of soft services used by caterers keeps growing.  Think reception, security, cleaning and even catering equipment.  So while it may seem as though there’s only room for the big boys in the catering industry, with so many variables, it is possible to find a place for your business.

Once you decide to bid for a catering contract there are many things that should be considered.  There needs to be a clear understanding of timelines, obligations and payment arrangements for both parties.  If you are bidding for a particular event, details may change unexpectedly.  It’s vital to consider terms for refunds and cancellations.  Also, including a clause which outlines any severance of the agreement protects both parties from liabilities and fees.

What are your experiences in this industry?  We’d love to know how you think the trends are progressing; Drop us a line- or comment below…

2 thoughts on “Catering Contracts – How to find them and how to win them

  1. Hi, I work for a small catering company and we are looking to expand by securing new contracts. My question is where do you find notifications for catering contracts that are available for tenure?

  2. Hello Ashley – i’m sorry I didn’t see your comment until now!

    There are a number of options you can look at. Check out CompeteFor or your regional business portal (like South East Business Portal) as a good starting point.

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