How To Win Bids and Tenders

Wondering how to go about winning bids and tenders? Writing first-class bids isn’t an exact science – but at Win That Bid, we’ve got the expertise to help you secure your dream contracts with ease.

Top Ten Tips for Winning Tenders

1.    Be thorough: answer every question in the bid document – missing out a couple of vital questions can lose you the entire bid.

2.    Know your marketplace (competitors & pricing): spend time researching your competitors and understand their pricing prior to the bid writing process.

3.    Appeal to your reader: offer persuasive, benefit-led responses and think about the customer – what’s important to them? What are they looking for in their supplier?  Don’t simply provide a list of features – if you want to win tenders, take your responses one step further and state the benefits.

4.    Have a model: build a library of standard PQQ and tender responses – save documents such as insurance certificates, policies and yearly accounts in one place that is easily accessible by others in the company.

5.    Outdo yourself: don’t leave your tender until the last minute – make sure that you have dedicated ample time and resources to produce the best possible result. If you can’t submit your best effort for this bid, why you are submitting at all?

6.    Be decisive: make a conscious decision to bid – if you are tendering ‘just because’, this is not the recipe for a winning bid.

7.    Discriminate: can you deliver this tender? Do you want to win this bid? If you win, what will happen to your other contracts? Make sure you’re bidding for business you really want.

8.    Understand the bid requirements – and adhere to them.

9.    Know your audience: read the bid evaluation criteria – what’s most important to the customer?

10.  Be proactive: engage with the customer – being invited to bid is a compliment, and likely to put your submission in a stronger position than a cold response.


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Queen’s Birthday Party invite – Qatar


As guests of The British Ambassador, Win That Bid attended The British Embassy, Qatar to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.  Their Excellencies Major General Hamad bin Ali Al-Attiyah, Minister of State for Defence and Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, joined the Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP the British Secretary of State for Defence, British Ambassador, Nicholas Hopton and over one thousand guests of the British Embassy, in celebrating the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In attendance were members of the British and Qatari communities, the Diplomatic Corps and international business and government, media guests, plus teachers from the British schools in Qatar, along with British Embassy and British Council staff, which also celebrated the strong partnerships between the UK and Qatar.

Guests were kept entertained by the talents of the Doha military band, Doha Jazz and the UK’s visiting Urban Playground parkour team (who will also be appearing at Souq Waqif over the weekend), as well as live painting by British artist Rachel Gadsden.

The UK’s Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:

It is my great pleasure to return to Qatar today and to be here in the company of so many of our Qatari friends to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Qatar and the UK have a long and historic partnership, which the UK values greatly. We have worked closely together for many decades now, including on active service in Libya in 2011, and I was delighted today to be able to discuss with HH the Emir and HE the Minister of State for Defence Affairs ways in which to strengthen the long term defence partnership between our two nations.

Ambassador Nicholas Hopton said:

The Queen’s Birthday Party is a chance for us to celebrate our important partnership with Qatar and to thank our Qatari friends and the wider community who have worked in support of our bilateral partnership. Many of our guests here work tirelessly to improve the close relationships between our two countries, whether through increased trade, education, health or cultural links. Over the last year, the bilateral relationship between Qatar and the UK has gone from strength to strength. We saw over 80 cultural events take place in 2013 as part of the Qatar/UK year of culture. And this month, through events organised by the British Embassy and the British Council as part of British Festival 2014, we have been celebrating the legacy that was created and looking to the future.

Sharq Crossing Qatar Tender

Win That Bid today attended the Sharq Crossing Qatar Industry Day today

Some facts:

  • This stunning iconic structure comprising three bridges connecting the airport in the south to the city and the cultural areas in the north will be the symbol of Qatar, much like California’s Golden Gate Bridge. 
  • The bridges will provide access for car users and will transport pedestrians by foot or cable car over the top. There will be an immersed tunnel and underwater marine interchange allowing boats overhead to pass.
  • From the city West Bay Bridge will be a tied arch 700m long. It will be the largest tied arch in the world. Cultural City Bridge is a multi-span cable stayed bridge of 13010m and Sharq Bridge providing access to and from the airport will be a tubular haunched structure of 600m.

The event was well attended by the construction industry from throughout the world. Ashghal’s presentation made up of themselves, Fluor (PMC) and Calatrava (architects) was outstanding, the content of which can shortly be found on Ashghal’s website.

In terms of contracts, they have been divided into 9 parcels:

  • 2 x enabling works (land and marine)
  • 3 x each bridge
  • immersed tunnel and marine interchange
  • surface street modifications
  • systems integrations
  • operations and maintenance

Expressions of Interest are being registered now, to apply go to the Ashghal Public Works Authority’s website:

This super structure is without a doubt the most exciting project in the world right now.

Qatar – Should Your Business be There?


Until the award of the 2022 World Cup, few people had heard of Qatar, now construction opportunities are abound.

With a population of just 2 million, a landmass the size of Wales and vast oil and gas reserves, the country has the highest per capita GDP in the world. This new found wealth has brought with it an appreciation that energy is finite, and as a result, the government has extensive development plans for the country and need help to achieve its vision:

“By 2030, Qatar aims to be an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for all of its people. Qatar’s National Vision defines the long- term outcomes for the country and provides a framework within which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed.”

Qatar’s future is dependent on successfully establishing itself as a centre of excellence in areas such as education, medicine and sport. The investment in infrastructure has commenced (to the tune of $220 billion).

Unsurprisingly, British and international businesses are arriving in their droves to invest, build, advise and deliver construction projects.

Outside of the energy sector, the largest tenders to be found are in construction (hotels, stadiums, accommodation, offices, schools, universities and shopping malls), transport (highways, railways, port expansion, new airport) and utilities.  Companies looking to capitalise on this growth need to review the opportunities that this exciting new market has to offer. Win That Bid opened its Doha offices in 2013 and is ready help you achieve this.