How To Win Bids and Tenders

Wondering how to go about winning bids and tenders? Writing first-class bids isn’t an exact science – but at Win That Bid, we’ve got the expertise to help you secure your dream contracts with ease.

Top Ten Tips for Winning Tenders

1.    Be thorough: answer every question in the bid document – missing out a couple of vital questions can lose you the entire bid.

2.    Know your marketplace (competitors & pricing): spend time researching your competitors and understand their pricing prior to the bid writing process.

3.    Appeal to your reader: offer persuasive, benefit-led responses and think about the customer – what’s important to them? What are they looking for in their supplier?  Don’t simply provide a list of features – if you want to win tenders, take your responses one step further and state the benefits.

4.    Have a model: build a library of standard PQQ and tender responses – save documents such as insurance certificates, policies and yearly accounts in one place that is easily accessible by others in the company.

5.    Outdo yourself: don’t leave your tender until the last minute – make sure that you have dedicated ample time and resources to produce the best possible result. If you can’t submit your best effort for this bid, why you are submitting at all?

6.    Be decisive: make a conscious decision to bid – if you are tendering ‘just because’, this is not the recipe for a winning bid.

7.    Discriminate: can you deliver this tender? Do you want to win this bid? If you win, what will happen to your other contracts? Make sure you’re bidding for business you really want.

8.    Understand the bid requirements – and adhere to them.

9.    Know your audience: read the bid evaluation criteria – what’s most important to the customer?

10.  Be proactive: engage with the customer – being invited to bid is a compliment, and likely to put your submission in a stronger position than a cold response.


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latest LOCOG Procurement schedule

Latest LOCOG Procurement Timetable

There are still tons of Olympic opportunities up for grabs.   Have a look at LOCOG’s latest procurement schedule to find out when it’s your turn to bid.  If you need any advice on tendering for the London games we’re always ready to help.

There are still tons of Olympic opportunities up for grabs.  Have a look at LOCOG’s latest procurement schedule to find out when it’s your turn to bid.  If you need any advice we’re always ready to help.

Category Date Opportunity
Artists, Performance & Events Oct – Dec 2010

Jan – Mar 2011

Apr – June 2011

?     Sport production services

?     Sport creative design

?     Sport production (workforce)

?     Torch relay – staging

?     Retail – shopping bags

?     Orchestras

?     Gifts and promotional merchandise

?     Collectibles and awards

?     Professional artists and performers

?     Costumes and props

Facilities Management & Catering Jan – Mar 2011 ?     Catering equipment
Security Jan – Mar 2011 ?     Security contracts audit
Services Oct – Dec 2010

Jan – Mar 2011

?     Accessible formats – BSL, Easy Read, Audio description

?     Broadcast monitoring

?     Artwork production for advertising

?     Website moderation

?     Workforce training venue (large)

?     Training delivery & materials

Sports Oct – Dec 2010

Jan – Mar 2011

Apr – June 2011

Modern Pentathlon, Horses, Fencing Equipment, Athlete Boats, Numbers-Bibs-Stickers, Buoys, Anemometers, Equestrian Show jumps, On Water Safety, GPS, Rowing Equipment, Equestrian Equipment.

Sailing Equipment, Boccia Equipment, Canoe Equipment, Beach Volleyball, Swimming Pool Equipment, Alcohol Test Units, Hockey Equipment, Athletics Equipment, Goal Ball, Handball Equipment, Scoreboards / Charts, Cycling Equipment.

Swim / Triathlon Boats, Whistles, Cones, Heat/Light Monitors, Tools/Repair Material, Ropes/Belts, Sports Specific Flags, Goal ball Equipment, Stationary, Consumables, Sewing Services, Coolers/Refrigerators, Triathlon Equipment.

Sports Medical Oct – Dec 2010

Jan – Mar 2011

?     Dental Equipment and consumables

?     Optometry

?     Weymouth and football venues services.

Technology Oct – Dec 2010 ?     IT reseller agreement.
Transport & Logistics Oct – Dec 2010

Jan – Mar 2011

?     Mobility vehicles

?     Village blinds and curtains

?     General tools and outdoor furniture

?     Fire equipment

?     Office furniture and safes

?     Sat Nav and tracking units

?     Press centre furniture

?     Driver scheduling and rostering

?     Traffic management consultancy

?     Driving license checks

?     Vehicle livery and graphics

?     Plant and machinery

Venues & Infrastructure Oct – Dec 2010

Jan – Mar 2011

?     Technology support structures

?     Portable water and waste

?     Alterations to existing buildings and CAT B fit out

?     Scaffold and superstructure systems

?     Site works and infrastructure

?     Temporary event fit out

Check out the latest LOCOG Procurement Schedule

Wondering when it will be your chance to bid for some contracts for the Olympics?  LOCOG have released their schedule of procurement for the next quarter.  Contact us if you need further advice and help on getting your company onto the Compete For site.

Industry Date Sector
Facilities Management & Catering July -Sep 2010
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Look, signage and accessories elements
Artists, Performance & Events July -Sep 2010
  • Event Production : Evening celebrations in 2012
  • Event Production : Volunteer orientation
Services July -Sep 2010
  • Interpreters & sign language
Sports July – Sept 2010
  • Hockey Equipment
  • Anemometers
  • On water safety
  • Football Equipment
  • Aquatics Equipment
  • Goal posts Equipment
  • Shooting Equipment
  • Fencing Equipment
  • Horses
  • Beach volleyball
  • Sailing Equipment
  • GPS
  • Flags
  • Goal ball Equipment
  • Water polo Equipment
  • Hockey Equipment
  • Weighing Scales
  • Handball Equipment
  • Equestrian Equipment
  • Cycling Equipment
  • TriathalonEquipment
  • Canoe Equipment
  • Rowing Equipment
Technology July – Sept 2010
  • IT Reseller Agreement
  • Command & Control –incident management Application
  • Work Order Management Application across Venues
  • Customer Relationship Management System
Transport & Logistics July – Sept 2010 Material Handling Equipment
Security Oct -Dec 2010
  • Security fencing
  • Electronic security
Sports Oct – Dec 2010
  • Bocciaequipment
  • Consumables
  • Alcohol test units
  • Scoreboards / charts
  • Chairs / tables
Venues & Infrastructure Oct – Dec 2010
  • Alteration to existing buildings and CAT B fit out
  • Scaffold & Superstructure systems
  • Site works and infrastructure
  • Temporary event fit out
Transport & Logistics Oct – Dec 2010 Vehicle Livery & Graphics

Businesses urged to take advantage of 2012 opportunities with two years to go

With two years to go until the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the London business community is being encouraged to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that are still available for businesses of all sizes.  As Games preparations enter the home stretch, there are still millions of pounds worth of contracts available from both the Olympic Delivery Authority and the London Organising Committee. According to the London Business Network, the organisation responsible for providing 2012 business information and access to opportunities generated by the Games, SMEs are in a prime position to capitalise on the remaining opportunities. The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is on track to deliver the Olympic Park and other venues by summer 2011 and although 95% of their direct procurement is already completed, there are still potentially thousands of opportunities available within their supply chains.  According to recent statistics, over 400 tier two contracts are currently at the tender stage and it is anticipated that hundreds more sub-contracting opportunities will be generated as a result*. It is thought that nearly 60% of the London Organising Committee’s (LOCOG) £700 million procurement budget has already been committed, leaving approximately £285 million worth of direct opportunities still to be procured.   The London Business Network anticipates that, like the ODA, LOCOG’s direct opportunities will generate many more sub-contracts that small and medium sized businesses can bid for. Chief Executive of the London Business Network, Mike Mulvey, says ‘supply chain opportunities represent an enormous opportunity for the SME community.  There will be thousands of these opportunities available across a range of sectors and specialisms and from our experience these tend to be more relevant and attainable by SMEs.  For the first time ever, businesses have been able to access supply chain opportunities easily and freely through CompeteFor’. CompeteFor is a ground-breaking tool developed by key London 2012 stakeholders in partnership with the business community. It is designed to open up the London 2012 supply chain and give SMEs a greater chance to benefit from the Games.  This ‘business dating agency’ allows businesses to register as potential suppliers online.  CompeteFor notifies them of 2012 supply chain contracts that are placed on the system which they can apply for quickly and easily online. Mike Mulvey says ‘CompeteFor is a true business legacy of the London 2012 Games.  This is the first time in Olympic and Paralympic Games history that sub-contracting opportunities have been made so freely accessible.  With other public and private sector buyers now using the system; including Crossrail, the Metropolitan Police, TfL, Westminster City Council and Haringey Council; registered businesses also have access to a plethora of contract opportunities beyond London 2012’. To date, over 6,600 opportunities have been advertised on CompeteFor from over 700 public and private sector buying organisations.  Both LOCOG and the ODA are committed to supporting SMEs through CompeteFor and have also encouraged their sub-contractors to open up their supply chains using the innovative system. In the next six months, LOCOG’s procurement will fall into eight key areas – Artists, Performance & Events, Sports (including Medical), Security, Security, Technology, Services, Transport & Logistics, Facilities Management & Catering, and Venues & Infrastructure.  Many of these goods and services, including supply chain opportunities, will be made available through CompeteFor. To register your business on CompeteFor, visit For further London 2012 business information, including access to free 2012 business events and network opportunities, visit the London Business Network website – *This is in addition to around £250 million which is earmarked by the ODA for the transformation of the Olympic Park post-Games.

PQQ & Tender Checklist – Are Your Ducks in a Row?

At one time or another most of our clients reach the shortlisting stages. This moment can either be met with jubilation together with the confidence and conviction that winning is but merely in touching distance or jubilation followed swiftly by varying degrees of uncertainty or even worse – fear!

Once you are shortlisted you will often have very little time to send your documents to the buyer. Creating a file of essentials before the all important day arrives will ensure you don’t get caught short.

Have to hand hard and soft copies of the following documents:

– Certificate of incorporation

– Organisation/company/group structure chart

– Audited accounts for the last three years (depending on the buyer 1 or 2 may be sufficient)

– Employer’s liability insurance

– Public liability insurance certificate

– Health & safety policy

– Quality assurance policy/mangement statement

– Equal opportunities policy

– Environmental policy

– Any documents that support technical capability

– Case studies

Taking the time out in the pre-tendering stages  to gather together this information will pay off when that all important submission date arrives. After all, why on earth would you go to all that time and effort to apply for a tasty business changing contract to fall so easily at the  next hurdle?

And if you’re looking at this list with bemusement, need help collating the information, obtaining the appropriate policies or require tender training give us a call (0203 405 1850), drop us a line ( or simply check out Win That Bid’s tender support services services

Champagne! CompeteFor celebrates two years of business opportunities.

Hello fellow entrepreneurs. I seem to remember telling you 2010 would be an exiting year. Well, as January is now behind us, it appears we already have a few good reasons to party!

CompeteFor – the chosen website of London 2012 for the publication of Games-related contract opportunities – is celebrating its second birthday. Over 100,000 businesses across the UK have registered on CompeteFor to take advantage of various business opportunities ranging from printing to cleaning and from training to catering services.

CompeteFor’s second birthday saw the 5,000th business opportunity advertised. There are now over 600 ‘buying organisations’ that are placing contract opportunities on the website. Small businesses have been rewarded for thinking big: 74% of contracts awarded have been placed with SME businesses – 18% of them have gone to businesses with 10 or less staff.

And the icing on the cake? The success of CompeteFor has been most felt in London, where local businesses have won almost a third of the contracts awarded so far.

After two years now of Olympics and Paralympics related golden opportunities, there are still over £1 billion worth of Olympic-related contracts to come to the market. So, if you too would like to pop the cork but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the pre-tendering process, give us a buzz on the Bid phone 0203 405 1850 and we will take care of  everything for you. Now, where’s that ice bucket…

Happy Birthday CompeteFor!!

On Your Marks – LOCOG Advertises New Opportunities – Catering and Cleaning First off the Starter Block

Drum roll please….Working in the cleaning business? As mentioned a couple of weeks ago on this very blog, the London Organising Committee (LOCOG) is now starting to advertise fantastic business opportunities in the field of catering and food services and cleaning and waste.

With approximately £700 million to spend on goods and services in preparation for the London Games in 2012 – 20% of which will go to on catering, cleaning and waste and many provided by small and medium sized enterprises – we just know there is an opportunity out there with your name all over it!  As usual, LOCOG opportunities will be advertised on the online portal  So if you haven’t yet registered your business on the site, what are you waiting for?

And if you’d rather not do all this kind of dirty work yourself – why not save yourself some time and energy and employ the services of Win That Bid? We will hunt down the most relevant opportunities for you and make sure you get those bids done and dusted.

A whopping 4,000 opps so far on CompeteFor

By the end of October, CompeteFor had published it 4,000 opportunity.  Crossrail, Greenwich Leisure, the London borough of Havering, Metropolitan Police Service, Greater London Authority, Adidas, Stena Line and Ticketmaster have used CompeteFor to advertise contracts just in October.   What’s more, numerous Australian companies with experience working on previous Olympic Games are also currently using CompeteFor to source UK businesses to partner with.

What’s more, Westminster City Council has announced that CompeteFor will be incorporated into their procurement code. Bovis Lend Lease (2012 Athletes Village) and Transport for London have also embraced the website and encouraged their supply chains to source suppliers of their own through the system.

CompeteFor has put together a really useful resource centre to help you get started so check out for more help.