Why you need to know about Building Information Modelling (BIM)

In the face of tighter budgets and pressure to reduce the environmental impact of our public buildings, local government organisations are waking up to the potential of Building Information Modelling (BIM) when procuring construction services.

In the current climate of tighter budgets and greater environmental responsibility, BIM is going to become a must-have technology on all local government tenders when it comes to the procurement of construction projects.

There are many benefits of BIM adoption. It has essentially transformed the way the construction industry works – particularly for those in charge of delivering projects. The technology ensures that every last inch of a building, road or railway track, for example, can be three-dimensionally measured. This gives those designing, managing and constructing the structure a chance to optimise a build – before the construction itself even takes place.

With the public sector’s responsibility to create buildings and structures that not only last a long time, but are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and of a high value for less cost, BIM has the potential to become an important asset to public sector procurement.

BIM is mandated for public sector contracts this year, driving significant improvements in cost, value and carbon performance in the procurement of construction services.

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