Landscaping Contracts and how to win them

With all the possible variables and changes involved in the work, contracts for landscaping can be tricky to get right.  Before you start it may be useful to do a ‘walk-through’ of the property.  Not only will you get a better idea of what the client wants but you can start to think about how you will approach the tender.

Of course, the landscaping industry has changed over the years.  One common concern is that since the introduction of Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT) many public sector contracts are awarded on price above all else.  Work is often categorised as ‘unskilled’ together with services like waste and recycling.  Therefore, work tends to be outsourced meaning more of it is carried out by casual labourers instead of trained professionals.  However, many local authorities will assure you that, as they are answerable for quality, they do take training and qualifications into account.  So if you are thinking about public sector landscaping don’t underestimate the importance of organisations like ROLO and LANTRA, and even the ISO 9001s and ISO 14001.

Keeping an eye on opportunities is all important.  Landscapers could be considered to have an advantage here as the seasonal nature of work, particularly in the public sector, indicates when the busiest periods are.  For smaller companies though, looking for private sector and domestic work, making sure you’re aware of all the best opportunities is a little more difficult.  So don’t forget that services like ours are always there to help.  These are tough times for everyone but knowing where to look and how to bid will hopefully mean regardless of whether there are green shoots for the economy, you’ll be growing some of your own.

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